Eye of the Collector, Polina Askeri

Like many of you, we are passionate about art. Artistic motions are controlled by the right-brain which guides our intuition as well as creative processes without any geographical or political inclinations. We, our team at Lagapim, are convinced that intuition and creativity are also essential in business structures, if they are counterbalanced by the left-brain qualities such as logic and reasoning. This conversation with the owner and founder of Askeri Gallery, Polina Askeri was recorded back in March 2021 in Moscow. We decided to publish the audio in Russian in order to preserve the subtle allegories as well as the artistic expressions. For Russian speakers it could be interesting to identify what has changed in the art market since the exhibition.

Lagapim, as well as Askeri Gallery, will be present at Art Basel in September 2021. We are glad to meet you soon and explore the best modern and contemporary art together!